Heavy rain after planting garden

Heavy rain is a common thing in the garden. In a year, we face one or two times heavy rains as well as more, which destroy our garden plants. But, what can we do when heavy rain after planting a garden? Or, how can we protect the plants in our garden before heavy rain?

I know you have plenty of questions in your mind. Heavy rain is truly bad enough for our garden, but it also provides some benefits. Today, I am going to share with you everything, what we can do when the rain comes, after rain, as well as whole things. So, stay connected.

Heavy Rain After Planting Garden

Heavy rain does not only harm your potted plants but also harms your indoor and outdoor garden plants. Indoor plants are those you keep in your windows or balcony.

You can do two things to protect your garden plants. First of all, you can protect the plants by taking proper steps before heavy rain comes into your garden.

Secondly, you will take some proper steps after heavy rain in your garden. For example, clean the pot, clear the garden drain line, and do other things.

Protect Garden Plants When Rain Comes

If you are planting your plants inside of your home, like a balcony using potted, you should keep them away or inside of your home the plants so that they can be safe.

Moreover, it would help if you understood whether the air is powerful or not. Generally, normal air with heavy rain may not harm your garden plants. On the other hand, you will use wind protectors in your garden so that they can safely and don’t damage much when the rain comes.

Furthermore, when heavy rains come into your garden, it means that they first affect large-size plants. Heavy rain also damages your garden drainage system. So, you need to check that the garden drain system works properly.

Protect Garden Plants After Heavy Raining

Of course, you need to take some proper steps when heavy rain is gone from your side. If you take proper steps before the rain comes, you should also check all of the sides of your garden so that you can save and destroy plants in your garden.

But what things should you remember when caring for or saving the damaged plants in your garden after heavy rain? I will make a simple list for you.

This list helps you to protect and save your damaged plants. So, break down the following tips and tricks and apply them to your damaged plants as well as the garden.

  • First of all, you should keep the focus on your potted plants because it holds water and other things to damage the plants.
  • Secondly, you should clean the garden drain so that the water easily clears and the plants take proper water.
  • Thirdly, take them some support which truly damages and branches are broken. You can use the stick to take support.
  • Fourthly, don’t forget to prepare the soil again. Soil may take up much water, which is also harmful to plants.

These 4-points are truly essential for you as a garden owner. The majority of the time, we need to take care of our garden after heavy rain.

Plant Before or After Rain

If you want to plant seeds in your garden, I suggest you plant before raining in your garden. Why? Because rainwater helps the seeds easily establish roots in the garden soil.

What happens when you plant seeds in your garden after rain? It becomes compact and prevents oxygen which also affects the growth of plants.

However, your plant seeds get lots of benefits when you plant them before the rain. You may know that water is essential to grow seeds, and rainwater is far better than river or canal water.

On the other hand, the soil also gets water and adjusts with the seeds when you plant the seeds before raining. Overall, it would be better for you to plant seeds in your garden before raining to get the best results.

How to Protect Crops from Heavy Rain?

It is tricky enough to protect the crops from heavy rain fully. But we can protect crops as much as possible from heavy rain.

If you are a garden owner and have planted crops in your garden, you can take some simple steps (provided below) to protect the crops. Though they are simple, they are very effective. So, check out the serious points and apply them in your garden to protect your crops from heavy rain.

  1. Laying raw fabric cover over the seeds so that they don’t come with a touch of water even if it comes with heavy rain
  2. If the first step is not working, you can use the hoop tunnel structure method. Cover fabric made from polythene which drops the rainwater on the plants but doesn’t fall heavily
  3. If the crops are tall enough, you can tie a stick with the crops so that they can tolerate heavy rain as well as air
  4. Munching bed is another way, which helps you to protect your crops from heavy rain

How to Protect Vegetable Gardens from Heavy Rain?

Do you have a vegetable garden and are worried about the heavy rain? After checking this section, you may not need to worry. Why? Because it is a common problem, you will get the best solution from this section.

Vegetable plants are soft and easily broken down when they come in heavy rain. But you will easily protect the rain just by doing the following tips and tricks.

Before Doing

Remove Damage Limbs

Before the heavy rains, you need to remove damaged limbs, soots, leaves, and other elements. When you remove them properly, it helps the plants to reduce snapping and tangling.

Support Taller Vegetable Plants

You need to provide the large size vegetable plants support. For example, you will use a stick to support taller vegetable plants.

Drainage System

Don’t forget to clean the drainage system of your garden. When garden drainage is not working properly, your vegetable or other plants may affect vastly.

After Doing

Cover with Most Dedicated Plant

First of all, you need to use a waterproof cover over the plants. You can also use polythene to avoid any kinds of water problems or rain problems.

Clean Draining System

Cleaning the garden drain is essential before and after rain. In your vegetable garden, the plants always need a proper draining system to take water comfortably.

Some Additional Information (FAQs)

Q: Will heavy rain ruin my garden?

Answer: If you don’t take pre-steps to protect your garden plants and if the rain comes heavily, your garden may ruin without any doubt. It would help if you took proper pre- and post-steps to protect your garden from ruin.

Q: Will plants recover from heavy rain?

Answer: Some of the plants recover, but the majority are not. It is a cruel reality that the majority of the plants don’t recover. For example, if the plants break down, you can’t recover them at any cost.

Q: Should I plant my garden before a big rain?

Answer: The official answer is yes; you should plant your seed before the rain comes. It helps the seeds take proper water and fertile elements to grow properly. If you plant the seeds after heavy rain or rain, the seeds become compact and also face oxygen problems.

Q: Is rain good for newly planted plants?

Answer: Rain is always a blessing for newly planted plants. But, over rain may not be a good option for new plants. If you think that heavy rain comes out in your garden, you should take proper steps to protect the newly planted plants.


There may be better options than heavy rain for the plants in the garden. Heavy rain comes with heavy air, which destroys the garden pants. So, you should take before and after steps to protect the plants from heavy rain. The above points and steps are helpful for you, and you can easily protect your plants from heavy rain.

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