what to do with potted plants when it rains

Potted plants may be common plants inside the home, especially on the balcony. When you keep potted plants on your balcony, that means the plant takes sunlight, water, rain, and other elements they need.

But what to do with potted plants when it rains? If your potted system comes with proper drains and holes and is installed in a space where rain doesn’t affect much, you can keep your potted plants when it rains. But, when these elements are missing, you should avoid rain without any doubts.

You should keep in mind that rain and storm are two different things. You must need to keep away your potted plants from storms. This article provides you with further information about this matter so that you can make the right decision to keep potted plants in the rain or not.

What to Do with Potted Plants When It Rains?

I will share with you some signs which help you understand whether you keep potted plants when it rains.

I collected the signs from my own experience and also collected information from experienced people.

Pots Location

First of all, you need to check out the location. If the location of the pot perfectly installs and doesn’t come with much rain, you can keep the potted plant’s same place when it rains.

Drain System

You will see some holes or big holes in the potted plants. This hole comes from the draining system.

The hole also uses for a water drain system where water can easily pass, when your plant pot store vast amounts of water, the hole or drain system helps the water easily reduce.

Check out these 2 points and check out that your potted system used them properly. If you find them perfectly, you don’t need to move your potted plant anywhere when it rains.

Can You Leave Potted Plants in the Rain?

To get the answer to this question, you need to check out a checklist and match it with your potted system.

Here is the checklist. If you find all of the points in your potted plants, you can keep the potted plants in the rain without facing any problems.

  • Check out that your pot install in a place where the rain doesn’t come badly
  • The water drain system must need come with proper so that extra rainwater comes out
  • Finally, if your plants cannot take much water, you can avoid keeping potted plants in rain areas.

Note, you should leave potted plants in the rain when your pot doesn’t come with a proper drain or holes installed in storm areas, and also, the plants don’t bear extra water long-time.

How Long to Leave Indoor Plants in Rain?

According to my team’s research, there are plenty of trees have in worldwide that live in heavy rain for nearly 1 or 3 months.

At the same time, some of the plants in potted live a maximum of 2-days when they are fought in heavy rain.

It is not a significant problem for plants because they reduce water through the potted drain system.

If the pot comes with a perfect hole, a water drain system, as well as top-rich soil, the plants may live a maximum of 1 week when you don’t clean the pot after heavy rain.

Is Rain Water Good for Potted Plants?

Rainwater is a natural blessing for both humans and plants. The majority of the gardeners found rainwater truly a blessing for their plants.

Rainwater comes with lots of useful chemicals, filtering water, nutrition, as well as other elements.

However, your potted plants get the following core benefits from rainwater which you can check out to know about rainwater for potted plants.

  • Rainwater always drops with a filter which means you don’t need to use any filter option for your plants
  • It would help if you never used any garden hose to spray water
  • Provides enough booster for the potted plants

At the same time, the rainwater may harm your potted plants when they are stored in the pots.

You should check out that the pot comes with a perfect water drain system to reduce extra water from the pot.

How to Save Plants from Heavy Rain?

First of all, you need to know which types of plants you have. For example, potted plants, bowls, buckets, and containers garden.

I would love to suggest you check out the below serious points to save your plants from heavy rain when your plants come with a pot, bowl, bucket, and container.

  • You can use cactus soil because this soil easily takes up much water, which saves your plants from heavy rain.
  • If possible, you should use a bound root pot which also reduces extra water from plants
  • Of course, you need to focus on the water drain system. Make a water drain system on the pot or bucket so that extra water easily drops out
  • When the drain system doesn’t come with any holes, you need to make some holes for the proper drain process.

Some Additional Information (Based on People’s Questions)

Q: Should I take my potted plants out of the rain?

Answer: I think not so. If your pot comes with the proper drainage system and is installed in the right location, as well as uses the right soil, you can keep your potted plants when it rains.

Q: How do you protect outdoor potted plants from rain?

Answer: You can take some proper steps to protect your outdoor potted plants from rain. For example, you can use cactus soil, the right pot, and also make the proper drainage system to protect the potted outdoor plants.

Q: Is it OK for plants to get rained on?

Answer: The official answer is yes. The plants you can keep when it rains. However, you should check out the place where you install your plants as well as maintain all of the things which I discuss in the above section.

Final Verdicts!

Rain is blessed and cursed at the same time for potted plants. Though rain is cursed for some reasons, you can easily avoid the curses. You should not keep your potted plants in the storm but keep the plants in the rain.

Read the above article carefully and match it with your potted plants. If you think that all of the above points are maintained in your potted plants, you can keep the plants when it rains.

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