Creeping thyme may be one of the best selections between pavers because this plant is easy to grow and care for and adds extra beauty to the space. But how to plant creeping thyme between pavers? I know you are planning to plant creeping thyme between pavers on your lawn. Am I right?

Well, from this article, you will get real-life examples of planting creeping thyme between the pavers or stepping stones. The step-by-step process helps you to collect creeping thyme, tools, soil, fertilizer, and some caring tips. You will get a package to plant creeping thyme in your lawn pavers.

How to Plant Creeping Thyme Between Pavers? (Step By Step Process)

Before starting the process, you need to collect some important elements to complete the process. Here is the list for you. So, collect them and check out the following steps.

  • Hand Gloves
  • Creeping Thyme
  • Some pavers
  • A sharp knife

Have you collected these elements? If your answer is yes, continue the following steps.

Step 1: Collect Pavers & Creeping Thyme

First and foremost, you need to collect pavers and creeping thyme to plant properly. However, you will find creeping thyme in dark spaces. You can also buy seeds from the garden market to grow from scratch.

Similarly, it would help if you collected some pavers which come in different colours so that pavers can increase beauty. It is not mandatory, so if you want, you can avoid it.

Step 2: Ready the Soil for Planting

Before starting to work for soil, you need to wear hand gloves to protect your hands. Now, you can take sharp things which help you to dig the soil properly.

Dig the soil minimum of 6-inch. You can also check out the root of the creeping thyme and take the right measurement to plant.

After that, use some fertilizer and also provide water so that the soil takes proper health from fertilizer and water.

Step 3: Plant Creeping Thyme on the Ready Soil

Finally, it is time to plant creeping thyme soil. However, you need to hold the root site of the creeping thyme and put them on the soil.

After that, put soil on the root properly so that the plant strongly holds. Don’t forget to organize the pavers beside the plants. When you are digging the soil, you can remove all of the pavers besides the soil.

Can I Plant Creeping Thyme in the Fall?

You may know that creeping thyme comes in different colours, which means different species. You will plant red creeping thyme in the fall.

Similarly, the fall season or spring season is the perfect time for planting red creeping thyme to get the best performance. Note you need to plant the creeping thyme in the fall properly to get beautiful creeping.

How to Maintain Grass Between Pavers?

After growing grass between pavers, you need to care for them properly. I would love to suggest you check out the following tips and tricks to maintain grass between pavers. So, check them out and apply them on your grass between pavers.

  1. First of all, cut down grass from time to time. When the grasses are increased up to 3-inches, you can cut them without thinking anymore.
  2. Use proper fertilizer so that the grass easily grows.
  3. You should check out the drain system when the rain falls too much.
  4. Of course, you need to provide proper water on the grass.

These 4-points are essential for a lawn owner to recently plant grasses or grow grasses between pavers. The points are not only suitable between pavers, but also you can apply the whole grass section.

How to Grow Grass Between Pavers?

Here, you will get some simple steps to growing grass between pavers. Recently, I grew grass between pavers on my lawn, and I think the following process is also simple and effective for you.

Step 1: Dig Up the Soil Where You Want to Install Grass

It is truly advisable for you that you should check your pavers areas. You need to dig the soil where you want to install grass properly.

You can take sharp elements to dig the soil properly. Dig the soil minimum of 6-inches, and of course, you need to dig properly in a parallel system.

Step 2: Collect Dirt & Other Harmful Elements

It is hard enough to find out a single lawn that doesn’t come with plastic and other harmful elements. So, collect them in your hand and use a soil filter to clean everything properly.

Step 3: Positioning Pavers

Now, you can install pavers. You can keep the pavers on the soil. It would help if you needed to position pavers in a way that you can easily walk and grow grass properly.

Step 4: Provide Top Soil

After installing pavers on the lawn, you need to provide topsoil on the pavers. You can use your hand to use topsoil on the pavers.

Step 5: Grow Grass Seed

Spread the grass seed on the gap of the pavers. You should not spread all of the grass seed in the space and, of course, use a very small amount of grass seed to spread all of the space.

Step 6: Finished the Process

Finally, you successfully grow the grass between pavers. Check out the above process again to get a clear concept and wait for some of the days to see grass in your garden.

Some Additional Information

Q: How far apart do you space thyme?

Answer: You need to part the space thyme of 12 to 16 inches. It would be better for you to measure the gap between the pavers of the lawn.

Q: How do you plant ground cover around pavers?

Answer: It is hard enough to provide an exact answer in one word. I would love to suggest you check out the above article to get a clear concept and plant ground cover around pavers like creeping thyme.

Final Words!

Planting creeping thyme between pavers is easy to do. It would help if you never used any expensive tool to plant creeping thyme. I think the above simple three steps for planting creeping thyme and 6 degrees for planting grass help you to plant them in your lawn easily.

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