Are your potted plants dying gradually because of the waterlogging problem? Then it is time to fix the problem and restore your potted plants. But how can you do that, and which things do you need to use to fix the problem?

Or how to fix waterlogged potted plants? In this article, I will share with you some common signs which ensure that your potted plants come with waterlog problems. Moreover, you will also solve the problem to follow step by step process. So, stay tuned at the end of the content.

The Culprits of Waterlogged

Several factors we find out which are the main culprit of waterlogging on the potted plants.

You can also check them out from the below list so that you can be careful about this matter and keep your potted plants safe from waterlogging.

  • Drain System: The main problem of potted plants waterlogged is the drain problem. According to our research, the majority of the potted system doesn’t come with a drain system properly.
  • Rainfall or Storm: The second biggest problem is rainfall. When the potted keeps long-time in a storm, it stores water and causes waterlogged problems.
  • Heavy Clay Soil: Do you know heavy clay soil store water inside of them? This type of soil doesn’t help the water drain properly, which is why waterlogging comes out.

These three problems are alarming for waterlogged problems, which you must avoid.

Is waterlogging a problem for your potted plants or a solid? I know you’re waiting to know the answer to this question.

What Happens When Your Potted Plants & Soil Come with Waterlogged?

First of all, the soil of the potted plants lost health conditions because of stored water. Secondly, the plants lost their lives and lived in the pots.

Finally, the plants die, and they never grow again. If you use heavy clay soil for your potted plants, the soil never properly helps the plant’s water drain.

These are commons problem for every plant when they come to waterlogging problems. So, try to solve the waterlogged problem as soon as possible.

How to Know That the Potted Plants Come with Waterlogged Problem?

It is easy to know using some signs. However, you will get a complete list with 6 signs which help you to understand whether your potted plants are affected by waterlogging or not.

  1. Your plants become yellow in color
  2. The leaf easily dropped, and finally, no leaf had on the plants
  3. Your plants face algae problem
  4. The root may discolor when the plants come with the waterlogged problem
  5. A vast number of worms come out
  6. Attach by pests or diseases

These are the common signs, but there are lots of hidden signs you will also discover when your potted plants come with waterlogged problems.

Can Overwatered Plants Recover on Their Own?

The straightforward answer is no. Overwatered plants are not capable of recovering their own because of several reasons.

First, the overwater plants are dead and don’t come back until you don’t take any action. So, you need to take proper action and you can check out the following fixing section

However, check out the following section to fix the waterlogged problem of your potted plants. Note the information I collected from my own experience took nearly 4 months to recover.

How to Fix Waterlogged Potted Plants?

No doubt, you can fix the waterlogged potted plants problem without using any chemicals, tools, and other elements. In this section, I am going to share with you a simple process with some steps to solve the problem.

Step 1: Make a Proper Drain System

To complete this step, you need to remove your plants and soil from the pot. Now, you need to clean the pot properly.

Check out that the holes of the pot come with properly. If you think that the hole is very small enough, you can increase the holes with a knife or sharp elements.

Step 2: Cut Down the Root of the Plants

When your potted plants are affected by waterlogging, that means the root of the plants is also affected. It would help if you cut affected root areas.

When you cut down affected areas of the root, you will see the different colors of the root, which means the live root comes out.

Step 3: Dry Soil & Plants

You can use newspapers to keep soil and plants so that the newspapers take all of the water and make the soil and plants dry.

Note you need to wait for a minimum of 1 night so that the soil and plants dry properly. On the contrary, you can use a fan for fast drying.

Step 4: Use Some Fertilizer

After affecting soils from the waterlogged problem, the soil lost its health condition that why you need to use some fertilizer.

However, you will discover so many fertilizers for your potting soil. You can check out online or offline shops to solve the problems.

Step 5: Pre-Pot the Plants

Now, it is time to pre-pot the plants properly. First of all, you need to fulfil the soil and then keep plants in the pot.

Finally, you need to provide some pot water, so the plants grow easily. It would help if you tried to install the pot in a place where sunshine easily comes out.

Some Additional Information (Based on Questions)

Q: How do you dry out an overwatered plant?

Answer: If you want to dry out the overwatered plants, you need to remove soil and plants from the pot and keep them on paper. Now, you need to wait a night to dry the plant.

Q: Can you revive waterlogged plants?

Answer: Of course, you can revive waterlogged plants by taking some proper steps. In the above section, I shared 5 proper and simple steps which you can follow to revive waterlogged plants.

Q: What would happen if a potted plant is waterlogged for a long time?

Answer: When you keep the potted plants in waterlogged for a long-time, your plants may die. Moreover, the soil also lost its health condition and destroyed the pot’s drain system.


Waterlogged destroys the drain system of the pot, destroys soil health, and dies the plants, creating lots of problems. So, if you face the same problem, you should take proper steps to solve the problem. The above 5 steps are truly workable to fix the waterlogged problem and revive the plants.

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