Several insects or pests always eat peaches. There are lots of bugs on the peach fruits which eat the fruits a different times. But you will discover some common bugs which eat your peaches.

If you think that something is eating my peaches, you will find peachtree borer, plum curculio, Oriental fruit moth, Japanese beetle, green June beetle, and so on. These bugs gradually eat your peaches at different times.

Let’s discuss in detail about this bugs so that you can take pre-action and post-action to protect your peaches. So, keep reading.

What Something Is Eating My Peaches?

Though several bugs are ready to eat your peach fruits, you will get some common bugs that you need to remove and protect the peach from them. Here, I am going to discuss the most common bugs and solutions so that you will always keep your peaches fresh and healthy.

Peach Borers Bugs

The scientific name of the peach borer is Synanthedon exits. There are different types of peach borers you will discover from the peaches. They are Peachtree BorerLesser Peachtree Borer, and Shothole Borer.

These three borers are common bugs that eat peaches. They come in different sizes, shapes, and time to grow.

Peachtree Borer

Peachtree Borer

Peachtree borer is also known as a greater borer. It comes in a blue-black color, and the size of this bug is 1 to 1¼ inches long.

Moreover, it looks creamy brown head. Peachtree borer loves to eat peaches fruit because of the taste and creamy them.


The peachtree borer loves to eat young trees’ fruit. It would help if you did special care when you are going to plant this fruit.

Annual trunk sprays during August help you to keep rid of peachtree borer bugs. You can also use chemicals to kill the bugs from the peaches.

Lesser Peachtree Borer

Both the Lesser peachtree borer male and female are ready to eat your peaches. Unlike the peachtree borer, they are small and compact size.

This borer attacks the peach tissue and damages the fruit. Moreover, they rapidly grow in your fruit and eat the fruit comfortably.

However, you will find them from April to mid-May and late July to mid-August. In these months, they grow into one to third generations.


When you are keeping this tree keeps vigorous, healthy growing condition, you don’t need to do anything to control this insect.

So, try to keep your peaches tree clean and well drainage. Moreover, you can also use chemicals to prevent bugs.

Shothole Borer

Shothole borer has also come in small size shapes. Besides peaches, they also attack several fruits in the garden. So, you need to care about this bug.

Shothole borer attacks the trunk and limbs. They always destroy the buds quickly and then attack the fruits. They move new trees in April and May. So, this time, you just need to be careful.


When you keep the peaches tree vigorous, healthy, and fresh, you don’t need to do anything else to protect the fruits. Moreover, you should also keep in mind that the drainage system should come in the proper way.

Scale Insect

This is another insect which comes attacks peaches. They eat your peach fruits from the garden. They rapidly destroy the vigor of peach trees and kill the limbs.

They don’t come with visible legs. They have some other variants which also love to eat peaches from your garden.

Most of the time, the adult Scale insect comes with a size 1/16– to ⅛-inch in diameter size. Their color also changed based on yellowish to grayish-white color.


It is hard enough to control the Scale using liquid or normal chemicals because of the hard covering. Before buds break off this insect, you can use Horticultural oil. You can also get some other chemicals on the market to kill Scale from your peaches.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do I protect my peaches?

Answer: To protect your peaches, you need to find out which types of insects come on your peaches. Based on the bugs, you can take proper action. However, to protect the peaches properly way, you need to use pre and post-action.

Q: Where did my peaches go?

Answer: Several animals may eat your peaches and squirrels of them. This animal eats the peaches. On the other hand, insects may eat your peaches and also destroy the issue of the fruits.

Q: Why is there a hole in my peach?

Answer: When you see that your peach becomes a hole, that means you need to understand that several insects attack your peaches. For example, Scale, Borer, and some other insects. So, remove the insects and provide extra care to solve the issues.

Q: What animal would eat peaches?

Answer: Raccoons, squirrels, opossums, and rats to dinner are the main culprit to eating the peaches. In my garden, I see squirrel problems a lot, and I need to take proper action to solve squirrels’ problems.

Wrapping Up!

Peaches are always juicy, creamy, and crazy to eat. Both humans, insects, and animals eat these fruits. In April to August is the crucial time to protect the fruits. So, you need to provide extra care to solve the problem. Borer, Scale, and some other insects attack your peaches and eat them. You will follow the above section to control the insects from your peaches.

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