If you are wondering why my peaches are rotting before they ripen? You are in the right article. Since there can be many causes behind it,  I will help you look at the five most common reasons why peaches rot before they ripen.

But before that, let’s have a quick overview of all the possible causes that can affect your fruit to rot before they get a chance to ripen. After that, I will help you explore all the reasons behind peach rot in-depth, along with tips to prevent it.

Further, we will discuss how you can ripen peaches without deteriorating. Therefore, stay with this article and learn what causes peaches to rot before ripening.

What Causes Peaches to Rot Before They Ripen?

Since there can be many causes why your peach tree is rotting before they ripen, below I am giving you a list of all possible causes that might be affecting your fruit to rot before they ripen. Afterward, we will quickly look at the five most common reasons peaches rot before they ripen.

  1. Lack of Air Circulation: Studies & Articles like MDPI and Research Gate… show that poor circulation around peach trees can create a humid environment that promotes fungal growth and peach rot.
  2. Insect Pests: According to Clemson Cooperative extension, insects and pests like plum curculio, stink bugs, and oriental fruit moths can damage your peaches badly if left untreated. Hence, it makes your fruit more susceptible to rot.
  3. Bruising: According to UCANR, bruised or damaged peaches can develop fungal infections LIKE Monilinia and Botrytis, which can infect whole ripening fruit and cause them to rot.
  4. Fungal Diseases: According to University of Georgia, Fungal diseases like brown rot, gray mold, and bacterial spot can cause your peaches to rot before they ripen. It doesn’t matter if you have an indoor or outdoor plant. Fungal diseases can affect all trees.
  5. Lack of Sunlight: If your plant is not getting in option light, your beaches are more likely to be susceptible to rot. Providing adequate sunlight for peaches to thrive and grow better is important.
  6. Ethylene Gas: Peaches produce ethylene gas as they ripen, which can cause nearby fruit to mature and become more susceptible to rot. Maybe your peaches or nearby trees produce too much ethylene gas as their fruits ripen. If this is so, it can cause your nearby peaches to become more susceptible to rot. As per the extension of UMAINE, ethylene plays a vital role in fruit ripening for trees like plums and peaches. But too much of it is indeed harmful. 
  7. Nutrient Deficiencies: As per ScienceDirect, if your Peaches are deficient in specific nutrients like calcium or potassium, they may develop fungal infections like Monilinia fructicola that cause them to rot.

5 Common Reasons Why Are Peaches Rotting Before They Ripen 

Peaches Rotting Before They Ripen 
Peaches Rotting Before They Ripen 

Fungal Diseases

Since you already know that fungal diseases are one of the most common reasons peaches may rot before they ripen, you should first look for the main culprit in this case.

As per most complaints, the two main culprits are brown rot and bacterial spot. In peach trees, Brown rot is generally caused by the fungus Monilinia fructicola, which is known to affect both blossoms & fruit.

Suppose your peaches are also suffering from this fungus. You will notice them becoming soft, brown, and shriveled. On the other hand, the Bacterial spot is caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas arboricola, which is known to cause dark, sunken defects on the fruit.

If left untreated, the bacterial area can lead to peach rot Before they ripen. According to research by the  University of Georgia, brown rot can cause up to 30% yield losses in peach orchards, while bacterial spots can cause up to 50% yield losses.

Therefore if you are looking for ways to prevent fungal diseases, You first need to keep your peach trees healthy by pruning them regularly and applying fungicides as needed. Depending upon location, the best time to prune peach trees varies. I have recently shared an article on the best time to prune peach trees in California’s North & South.

Even though most fungicides available in the markets are chemical, it is very helpful in preventing fungal diseases from spreading on your peach trees. With proper care and precaution, you should distribute fungicide evenly for effective results and make sure not to overdo

Insects & Pests

Do you have any idea that Insects and pests can also contribute to peach rot before they get a chance to ripen? Many types of pest and insects like fruit flies, stink bugs, and plum curculios are known to damage tree fruits, leaving them more susceptible to rot & disease. I’ll advise you to check these 4 Common insects That Eat Peaches With Solution.

I also learned about the study of the University of Florida or UFL, which stated, “fruit flies and stink bugs can cause major losses in peach fruits. To prevent insect damage”.

This is why monitoring your trees regularly and using insecticides as needed is essential. Make sure you are using insecticides responsibly and according to the label instructions, as overuse can also lead to the development of insecticide-resistant strains of insects.

Environmental Factors

Another common reason your peaches can be rotting before they rip could be due to environmental factors. Several ecological factors, such as temperature, humidity, and rainfall, play a role in peach rot.

If you are new to gardening, you should know that high temperatures and humidity can create unwanted conditions that promote fungal growth. On the other hand, excessive rainfall can cause your fruit to split and become more susceptible to disease.

Here is the research for you to check conducted by the MDPI, which shows excessive rainfall can cause up to 50% losses in peach crops. Therefore if you also want to prevent environmental damage, I highly recommend you choose the suitable peach varieties for your region and provide proper care, like adequate irrigation and protection from extreme weather events.

Improper Harvesting Techniques

Like any other noob, you may also practice the wrong harvesting techniques, especially if this is your first time. Believe it or not, improper harvesting techniques can lead to peach rot.

If your peaches are harvested too early, they may not ripen properly. It can become more susceptible to disease and decay. If you leave the beauties on your tree for a long time, they may become overripe and begin to rot.

Therefore, regularly pay attention to your beauty and pick them up at the right time to prevent this. You must pick the peaches when fully colored but still slightly firm. They should ripen off the tree in 2-3 days at room temperature.

Lack of Air Circulation

As I told you, lack of air circulation could also contribute to peach rot in your tree before they ripen. If you have kept your peaches in a closed, humid environment, they are more likely to develop fungal diseases & rot.

This is more likely to happen if your fruits are touching each other or pact tightly together. If so, ensure proper air circulation and space between peaches. This will indirectly increase your chances of healthy and bountiful beauties at the right time.

By knowing so many factors and causes responsible for peaches rotting before ripening, here is how you can mature your fruits healthily.

How to Ripen Peaches Without Rotting?

  1. Firstly, make sure to store your beaches in indirect sunlight. It would be best never to place them in a humid environment that can promote fungal growth or diseases leading to rot.
  2. Afterward, placing your peaches in a paper bag to trap the ethylene gas would be best. This will escalate the ripening process. 
  3. Other than using the paper bag only, you can add a piece of banana or apple to the bag, which will help ripen the peaches more quickly.
  4. You need to check your peaches daily to see if they are ripe. If your beauties are mature, they should be fragrant and slightly soft.
  5. Ensure you never leave a ripened peach on the tree for too long. If you don’t plan to eat your ripe peaches immediately, move them to the refrigerator to slow the ripening process. I will recommend you use your ripe peaches within a few days of ripening, as they will begin to deteriorate quickly.


Here in this article, I tell you all the factors that can be responsible for rotting peaches before they get a chance to ripen. In this article, I tried my best to explain the five most common reasons: fungal disease, insect and pest infestations, environmental factors, improper harvesting techniques, and the role of Ethylene gas.

After reading this article, you should be able to prevent most of these issues and keep your peach trees healthy through regular pruning and fungicide application. Make sure to be responsible and careful while handling insecticides and pesticides.

It is essential to provide the proper care, including protection from extreme weather conditions that help prevent environmental damage and associated peach rot. If you take all the precautions properly and care for your tree at the right time with the right approach, you will enjoy healthy, bountiful,l delicious fruits from your peach tree for many years.

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