What insect is eating my peaches

Numerous insets are ready to eat your peach fruits. Pests or insects are common things in your garden. They love to each your peach fruits and damage the fruits.

So, what insect is eating my peaches? Plum Curculio, Oriental Fruit Moth, Peach Borers, Lesser Peachtree Borer, Catfacing Insects, and Scale are the main culprit which eats your peaches.

It is essential for a garden owner to know the controlling system of these insects. Don’t worry; you don’t need to search here and there to get a controlling process and find out the insects from your peach fruits.

What Insect Is Eating My Peaches?

Though you will discover multiple pests or insects that eat your peaches, I will share with you the most common insects and controlling process.

The whole process is natural, and you don’t need to spend much money to keep away from the insects of your peach.

A Chart of Different Insects Which Eat Peaches?

This chart shows you different insects and their specifications. It helps you to find out the exact bug and its specifications.

FPlum CurculioOriental Fruit MothPeach BorersCatfacing InsectsScale Insect
Size ¼-inchSize 1/2-inch to 1/16-inchSize starts from 1-1/4-inchSize ½ to ¾ inchSize  1/16– to ⅛-inch
It looks yellowish to grayish in colorNoneIt comes in a blue-black colorThe primary color is green to brownNone
Attack on freestone or stone peachesAttacks on both freestone and stone peachesThey can attack multiple fruitsThey love freestone peaches but also attack stone fruitsEat both freestone and stone peaches

Plum Curculio Insect

Image source: https://hgic.clemson.edu/

The scientific name of Plum Curculio is Conotrachelus nenuphar. This insect mostly comes with adult age. They love to eat peaches in their adult age.

This insect is about ¼-inch long, has a smooth body shape, and looks yellowish to grayish in adult age. The color of this insect gradually becomes the brown head.

Both adult and grub ages damage your peaches. They damage your peaches and apples, oranges, and other types of fruits in your garden.

Your peaches actively eat the adult plum at 50 to 60 ºF temperatures. However, they lay eggs and live on the peaches.

You may see this insect in your peach garden several times. Because they easily come to your peach garden and eat peach fruits.

How to Keep Plum Curculio Insects from Your Peach?

To keep away from this insect, you have to apply chemicals. The chemical should be applied with spray bottles.

The best spraying time is mid-June, the second at the end of June, and the third in early June. Plum’s second and third generations have grown this time, which you need to stop.

Instead of using chemicals, you can use a bag to solve the problem. To use the bag to protect peaches, you need to complete only three steps. To get clear guidelines about this process, please get in touch with Clemson fruits because they provide you with proper guidelines.

Oriental Fruit Moth Insect

Oriental Fruit Moth insect is a grayish-brown. They come with a maximum of 1/6-inch size. They attack your peach at night.

In South California, they have 6 other variants that also look different. But, all of the Oriental comes with six legs which you can easily find.

Winter and Spring is the best time for them to grow. The first generation grows on the peach tree branches. They also look light yellow in color and lightweight.

Overall, this insect is ready to eat your peach fruits and also grow other insects to make a family. If you find this insect, you just need to take proper action to remove them.

How to Keep Oriental Fruit Moth Insects to Eat Peaches?

Permethrin, lambda-cyhalothrin, or malathion should be applied to kill this insect from the peach. You need to use a spray bottle to spray on the peaches.

This is a simple solution for you. Moreover, you should apply ten moths per trap occurs. Note you can also use other chemicals which you will get from both online and offline shops.

Peach Borers Insect

Peach Borers come in different variants like lesser peachtree borer and hothole borer. These all are peaches insects that eat the peaches.

Lesser Peachtree borer and Peachtree borer are more serious to eating your peaches on these Borer insects. They eat both stone-free and stone fruits from your garden.

However, different peach borers’ insect comes in a different size. For example, Peachtree Borer comes in 1 to 1/4-inch size. Moreover, Lesser Peachtree Borer comes with a maximum of 1/6-inch size.

Most of the borer’s insects grow from April to mid-May and late July to mid-August. All of the generations grow in these months.

How to Keep Peach Borers Insects to Eat Peaches?

The first condition is to keep borers’ insects away from eating peaches and safe from mechanical injury. Moreover, you should also check out the drainage system because drainage system is essential to keep away the bugs.

To avoid peach borers, especially Peachtree borer, you need to apply annual trunk and limb sprays in August. These elements are truly powerful to avoid borers from your peaches.

Catfacing Insects

Catfacing insect looks brown in color and small in size. It is included tarnished plant bugs. However, this bug is also ready to eat peaches from your garden.

The size of this bug will find ½ to ¾ inch. They killed the tissue of the fruit and finally damaged the fruits. The first time, they create minor damage to your fruits. But, if you don’t take enough action, your whole fruits become damaged.

How to Solve Catfacing Insects Problem?

You have to control this insect to protect your peach fruits. If you want to use chemicals, you can use permethrin, lambda or gamma cyhalothrin, or cypermethrin. These elements are truly far better for solving the problem.

Some Additional Information (FAQs)

Q: How do I get rid of peach aphids?

Answer: To get rid of peach aphids, spray water, insecticidal soap, or 1 percent horticultural oil. This element is truly powerful in solving the peach aphid problem.

Q: Why is there a hole in my peach?

Answer: When you see that your peach comes with holes, you need to understand that some of insects eat your peach. They grow on the peaches and eat gradually when you see the holes.

Q: What is the best spray for peach trees?

Answer: Based on the problem or bugs, you need to spray on the peach trees. However, you will find different bugs from the peaches. So, first of all, you need to find out the problem and then choose the right spray to solve the bugs.

Q: How do I keep bugs from eating my peaches?

Answer: The primary solution is spraying water. You need to spray water with a spray bottle. However, to get a permanent solution, you just need to find out the problem and then apply the sprays.

Wrapping Up!

Peaches are affected by several bugs. We need to take pre-action or post-action to solve the bugs. It is relatively easy to find the exact bugs because some common bugs always attack the peaches.

The borer bugs are the main culprit which you find on the peaches. So, check out the above solutions to fix bugs problem from your peaches.

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