How to keep strawberries off the ground

Strawberries are low-growing plants that generally grow on the ground, in containers, or in some other areas. But, the common problem is that the strawberries are off the ground, which damages strawberries and creates several problems.

So, how to keep strawberries off the ground? Well, you will use a strawberries cage, support frame, container, Mulch or landscaping fabric, or a set of straws with the strawberries to keep off the ground.

To prevent the ground of your strawberries, you will check out the following detail section. Each of the ways is practical and user-friendly. So, keep reading.

How to Keep Strawberries Off the Ground?

I am going to share with you 5 simple and effective ways so that you can keep strawberries off the ground. Note you may need to spend some money to buy some of the tools.

Way 1: Use Strawberry Cage

It is a traditional way to keep off the ground of your strawberries. You will buy the cages from the market without spending much money.

On the other hand, you will also make the cage. To make the case, collect a basket whose diameter should be 15″. Now, trim it based on the strawberry sizes so that the strawberries are safe from the ground.

Way 2: Support Frame

When the strawberries start to grow, you should provide them enough support so that they can’t keep off the ground.

Why do they need support? Because the branches of strawberries are very soft and don’t able to stay strongly above the sides.

To provide them support, you will use the stick. You should tie the stick to the branches’ roofs so they can get proper support. Note, try to use a large-size stick.

Way 3: Use A Container

The container is a popular way to keep off the strawberries on the ground. There are plenty of containers you will discover on the market.

So, choose the container from the market and set them up with the strawberries so that they can stay in the container and be safe from harmful elements of the ground.

Way 4: Mulch Fabric

This is another popular method that you can apply for your strawberries. However, you will use thick mulch fabric to keep off the strawberries from the ground.

However, you can also use white plastic sheets to solve the problems. So, try to use mulch fabric to solve the problem.

Way 5: Set of Straws

With the straws, you can make a net of straw which always keep above the strawberries.

To make the net, you also need to use a roof so that you can tie them. Though the way is a little bit tricky and time-killing, this method is truly working to keep above the strawberries and avoid keeping them on the ground.

What Can I Use Instead of Straw for Strawberries?

What Can I Use Instead of Straw for Strawberries

Straw is a complicated way to keep strawberries safe from the ground. It is also time-killing, and you may need to spend lots of time to make it the proper way.

You should use some alternatives of straw for strawberries. According to my research, the following ways are truly good enough to keep your strawberries off the ground.

So, check out the following methods and apply them to your strawberries.

  • Use a container to keep safe the strawberries
  • Pine needles
  • Black Plastic Sheeting
  • Use frame for support branches
  • Grass Clipping
  • Strawberry mats
  • Mulch with white plastic
  • Stick for supporting

These things are widely used for most strawberries garden. You can also try any of them instead of straw for strawberries.

How to Keep Strawberries from Spreading?

Spreading or runner strawberries are a common issue for each of the gardens. If you are a strawberry garden owner, you may also face this problem.

Here are some of the essential tips for you which will help you to avoid spreading the problem.

  1. Clip them Off: Clip the strawberries which are affected by the pest so that they can grow next year.
  2. Give Them a Trim: Give the trim at least 3-inches in height. To keep this site, you need to trim all of the things.
  3. Use Fertilizer: Use some fertilizer on the strawberries so that they can grow properly and avoid spreading.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do you stop strawberries from hitting the ground?

Answer: You can see some elements to stop strawberries from hitting the ground. However, the cage, straw, Mulch, and other elements are truly workable.

Q: What can you put under strawberries?

Answer: You can put polythene, a container, or thin white plastic to keep the strawberries safe from the ground. The container may work much better on this matter.

Q: Should strawberries be on the ground?

Answer: No, it is a bad practice. You can keep strawberries on the ground for very less time. It would be better for you to keep strawberries in a container or thin plastic.

Q: How do you make strawberry supports?

Answer: You can use a stick, frame, or some other elements to make strawberry support. Don’t worry; the cage or container is also ready to support the strawberries from the ground.

Final Words!

Strawberries are sensitive and don’t tolerate most of the ground pests or other elements. So, it would be better for you to avoid keeping the strawberries on the ground. It is easy to do. You just need to use any of the above methods and save the strawberries without getting any problems.

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