Are you a plant enthusiast looking to care for a money plant but are unsure if they need Sunlight to grow? Money plants are a popular choice for indoor gardening, but Why Do Money Plants Need Sunlight to thrive.

Direct Sunlight can harm these plants and may cause their leaves to turn yellow or brown. In this article, we will explore the amount of Sunlight required by money plants, Do Money Plants Need Sunlight, Why money plants need Sunlight, and how to care for them.

Additionally, we will answer frequently asked questions about the sunlight needs of money plants. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, keep reading to learn more about how to keep your money plant healthy and happy. Let’s start with the fundamental question: Does a Money Plant Need Sunlight? 

Do Money Plant Need Sunlight 

Do Money Plant Need Sunlight 
Do Money Plant Need Sunlight 

Yes, money plants require Sunlight to thrive. Even though Sunlight is essential for plants to photosynthesize, which is the process of converting light energy into food, plants do not require direct Sunlight.

Direct Sunlight can harm your money plants and may cause their leaves to turn yellow or brown. According to masterclass again, Money plants prefer bright, indirect Sunlight, and they can grow in low-light conditions.

According to NASA Clean Air Study, money plants are one of the best air-purifying plants, and they can help remove toxins from the surrounding air. But if your money plant doesn’t get the proper amount of Sunlight daily, it might not be as effective as expected. Therefore below, I’m mentioning three tips to help you ensure that your money plant gets the right amount of Sunlight.

  1. You must observe the amount of Sunlight your money plant receives throughout the day. As I told you, Money plants thrive in bright, indirect Sunlight. Therefore, If your money plant is exposed to direct Sunlight, consider moving it to a location with more shade.
  2. Regularly rotating your money plant is essential to ensure that all sides receive adequate Sunlight. This will also help prevent your plant from leaning or growing unevenly.
  3. If you are growing your money plant indoors, consider placing it near a window that receives bright, indirect Sunlight. You can also use artificial lights to give your money plant the necessary light.

Can Money Plant Grow Without Sunlight?

Can Money Plant Grow Without Sunlight?
Can Money Plant Grow Without Sunlight?

As said, money plants need sunlight and often thrive in bright & indirect Sunlight. However, they can also survive in low-light conditions, making them a popular choice for indoor gardening. However, it is essential to note that all kinds of money plants still require sunlight to grow and stay healthy.

If you don’t provide proper sunlight to your plant daily, it will be prone to stunted growth and bug infestation. Pest infestation may result in Chinese money plant white spots on leaves also. Therefore if you notice one, consider treating your plant with the right type of pesticide that is specifically designed for the kind of pest attacking your plan

3 Reasons Why Money Plants Need Sunlight


Sunlight is essential for photosynthesis, a process through which all plants convert light energy into food. Without enough Sunlight, your money plants will likely struggle to produce enough energy to sustain healthy growth.

Chlorophyll Production

I don’t need to explain why Sunlight is also essential for producing chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the pigment responsible for giving money plants their actual green color. Without enough chlorophyll, plants may become pale or discolored, and their growth may be stunted.

Vitamin D 

Just like humans, your plants also need vitamin D to stay healthy. You also know that Sunlight is a significant source of vitamin D for plants and humans. Without enough, all plants will become weak and prone to disease.

Do Money Plants Like Direct Sunlight?

No. Regarding money plants, they prefer indirect Sunlight instead of direct Sunlight. As per Masterclass, money plants grow under the shade of trees in their natural habitat.

If you expose your plant to direct Sunlight, its leaves can get scorched, leading to brown spots or burns on the leaves. However, it doesn’t mean that you should keep it in complete darkness. 

If you don’t know whether your money plant is getting too much or too little light, here are a few tips for identifying it.

  1. If the leaves of your plant are turning yellow, it can be a sign that your plant is receiving too much direct Sunlight. (Or, it can be a sign of something serious. Check 5 possible reasons for money plant yellow leaves)
  2. If your money plant leaves are pale or small, the plant is not receiving enough light.
  3. If you notice your plant leaning toward the light source, it is a sign that it’s not getting enough light on one side.

Improper Sunlight can results in the Chinese money plant leaves falling off unexpectedly. I’ve covered this in-depth in this article.

How Much Sunlight Does A Money Plant Need?

According to TheSpruce, money plants need sunlight for at least 6 hours daily. However, it’s important to note that too much direct Sunlight can harm the plant, while too little light can result in slower growth and weaker stems.

The best way to ensure that your money plant gets the right amount of light is to place it near a window with a sheer curtain or blinds to filter the Sunlight. Another option that you can consider but will require little investment is to use a grow light that gives your plants the right amount of light.

Money Plant Sunlight Needs

Lighting ConditionsIndoor Money PlantOutdoor Money Plant
Daytime Light IntensityBright indirect light (up to 6 hours)Partial shade (2-3 hours) to full sun (4-6 hours)
Nighttime Light IntensityComplete darknessComplete darkness

What About Indoor Ones?

Even though money plants can survive in low-light conditions, they still need some natural light to grow. Therefore I recommend choosing a spot near a window or in a well-lit room but away from direct Sunlight.

(If you are planning to plant it indoors). Additionally, you will have to invest in good quality artificial light since your money plant will not get enough natural light. You can consider using a grow light or fluorescent bulb to provide the necessary light spectrum for healthy plant growth.

Also, remember that all varieties of Money plants prefer moist soil. However, ensure you do not water too often because overwatering can lead to root rot and other problems. First, you should check the ground regularly and water only when the top inch of soil feels dry.


Does Chinese Money Plant Need Sunlight

Yes, the Chinese Money Plant, knew asPilea peperomioides) needs indirect Sunlight to thrive. While it can tolerate some direct sunlight, too much direct Sunlight can burn its leaves. Therefore I highly recommend you place it near a bright window that provides indirect Sunlight.

Can Money Plants Grow In Water Without Sunlight?

Yes, a few varieties of money plants can efficiently grow in water, but they still need some form of light to thrive. Without any light, all plants will eventually wither and die. 

However, you can grow money plants hydroponically using artificial light sources like LED grow lights. This way, the plant can grow without soil and still receive the necessary amount of light to thrive.

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I have given all the information you need about the money plant sunlight needs or requirements. After knowing ‘how much sunlight do money plants need’ as well as ‘can money plants grow without sunlight,’ you should provide at least a few hours of daily Sunlight to your money plant as they might not be effective in improving air circulation if they are not getting the proper amount of light.

You must pay attention to the signs of excessive Sunlight or low light. I hope you will appreciate my effort. If you like my post, then consider sharing it. Your share will help many people learn about the correct light requirement for their outdoor or indoor money plant according to specific conditions. Even though money plants need sunlight, knowing ‘how much’ is essential. Every gardener should know the right way and for how long money plants need sunlight.

I have shared many other articles on money plant care and management for you to check out if you are growing one or planning to. So, see you in the next post, till then, take care and goodbye.

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